Mandarin Chinese Courses

Mandarin House has spent over 8 years developing and tweaking the course materials, teaching & learning process to make sure that students who join courses with us can start using their Chinese right away.

Our self-developed curriculum consists of 6 levels, offered in a variety of schedules and lesson plans (you can find out more about each by clicking on the links):

The chart below explains the learning outcomes after each level. Mandarin House also offers extra levels for more advanced students.

Our curriculum is also brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEF levels, in order to introduce you to real-life Chinese faster than you thought possible. It is regularly updated based on the feedback from our students and teachers.

To give you a better idea of the outcome – the first Mandarin House textbook covers 26 conversations, and by the end of them all, you will have learned roughly 450 words – including the 150 required words to pass HSK Level 1

MH levels

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